Originality Specifications

1977 through 1979 Thunderbird

The following is an attempt to get some of the basic information regarding originality for Thunderbirds into the hands of all who want it and to do it for free.

If there is information you wish me to put here or if you find mistakes I should correct, please email me Here.



1977 1978 1979
Block, heads, intake, front cover, oil pan, 
water pump
Corporate Blue Corporate Blue
Air Cleaner  Corporate Blue Corporate Blue
Valve Covers Corporate Blue Corporate Blue
Oil Fill Cap black black
Power steering pump &
A/C cars have black remote reservoir
Corporate Blue Corporate Blue
Transmssion and bellhousing Aluminum natural Aluminum natural
Radiator and surge tank Corporate Blue Corporate Blue
Pan above radiator Gloss Black Gloss Black
Radiator hose clamps 

Heater hose clamps

Power brake vac hose clamps
Fan blade---without air cond. 

with air cond.

Windshield washer bag
Carb linkage
Engine compartment side walls
Hood latches 
Hood hinges 
Hood Hinge springs
Ignition Coil
Drive shaft
Shock absorbers
Rear springs
Front springs
Steering Linkage
Fuel Tank
General underbody
Convertible top frame
Headlight bulbs


Hood Ornament


1977-79 Base Thunderbird There were "2" styles of chrome
base hood ornaments used: one was more square than
the other which was more elongated*. This may have
been a running change or vendor change during 77 as both
have been seen using the same part number of D7SZ-16850-A?
*This more elongated style was also used on 1980-82 base
Thunderbirds and possibly later Town Landaus with a
E0SZ-16850-A part number

1977-79 Town Landau, 1978 Diamond Jubilee, 1979 Heritage used a
"color coordinated translucent hood ornament". I
call this a color keyed insert ornament. This
came in Amber, Blue, Gray, Jade, Red & Diamond Blue.*
*These were at least used through the 1980 Model year as I
am looking at them on the 1980 Thunderbird Press release
Photo for the Town Landau that features the color keyed
insert hood ornaments but definitely were not to have been
used on the base 1980 Thunderbird! These may have been
left in as a running changeover to the chrome hood ornament
above. Does anyone know for sure how late they ran or were
used in the 1980-82 run on any of the line or possibly with
special interiors???

1980 25th Anniversary, 1981-82 Heritage used a different hood
ornament and is shown on the 1980 25th Anniversary Thunderbird Press
Release Photo as well as being listed in the 1981-82 Thunderbird
Brochures in the Heritage features area as a "Cut Glass Look"
is the one that I describe as: a semi opaique thunderbird made
of a composite plastic with the Thunderbird emblem embosed
that rests on on the metal stem with no frame mounting to the
header panel.

I only hope this is simplier. Thanks Robert!

Don Holton